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Tales from IT – Upgrading an Obsolete Laptop with a Solid State Drive April 27, 2017

Posted by Maniac in Site Videos, Tales from IT.
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We’re back with an all new Tales From IT, a series where Maniac talks about some of his most noteworthy computer technology repairs.  Today, we’re going to be talking about Solid State Drives (SSDs for short).

One of Maniac’s clients had an unusual desire to buy already obsolete used computers. This wouldn’t normally be much of a problem if he was using them to run legacy software, but this client expected them to act as if they were brand-new top of the line PCs just because they were “refurbished”.  After buying a laptop he was told would not work well, he called up Maniac to complain the laptop was slower than dirt when trying to run essential software he installed on it like Quickbooks.

Because the laptop was so old, Maniac’s options for improving the laptop’s speed were limited.  The RAM was already maxed out and could not be upgraded, and because it was a laptop, internal components like the CPU, GPU and Motherboard could not be upgraded at a reasonable cost.  The only option left was to upgrade the laptop’s hard drive with a SSD.

Would the new drive make the computer any faster?  Would it even work?  Watch and find out!