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Cheer Up! Card Game Preview April 4, 2017

Posted by Maniac in Previews.
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This past weekend, I was lucky enough to meet the guys from Cheer Up Games at CT GamerCon 2017 to do a live preview of their upcoming card game, Cheer Up!

You can download the game’s official rules here, but here’s a brief retelling of how the game is played: One player picks a question card, which, before being read, will tell players to draw two cards from each specified deck. So if a question card says A+B, it means players have to draw two cards from deck A and two from deck B. If a question card says C+C, it means players have to draw four cards from deck C.  Once each player has their cards, the question card is read aloud, and the players have to pick which of the cards in their hands they want to use to answer the question card. Before the cards are read, a rule card is drawn. This rule card adds a random modifier to the question, such as a requirement to answer the question with a heavy accent.

Once each player gives their answer, the person who drew the question card chooses which answer they liked best, and that player wins the round.

For example:

A question card could be drawn that says “What’s the worst thing you could be caught doing without pants on?”  The players won’t know the question at first, but they will be told C+C, so each player will draw four cards from the deck C.

Once everyone has their cards in hand, the question is read and after the initial laughs subside, the players then select which two cards from their hand they want to use to answer the question.

When the extra cards are discarded, the player who drew the question card will then draw a rule card. In this case, the players are told they have to give their responses in a heavy Rastafarian accent.

At this point, each player has a turn reading their responses. I’m sure you could just imagine hearing your friends say, “I wouldn’t want to be caught fishing and starting a tickle fight without pants on!” in a heavy Rastafarian accent.  The player who drew the question card picks the player with the best response.

Of course that is just one example of how a single round of the game will go, there are literally hundreds of other kinds of questions, rules and answers you’ll be able to play in this game!

Cheer Up! is a great icebreaker for getting to know new people, and a hilarious activity for long-term friends.  I will not accept any responsibility for players who end up single after playing the game with their significant others, but I will say that I am willing to play this game with my own girlfriend later this week.  I will make sure to update you all if I end up becoming single afterwards.

So why am I telling you guys all about the game now? Because starting at 10am today, Cheer Up! is going to be seeking crowdfunding through Kickstarter.

If you want to give the game a look for yourselves before checking out the Kickstarter page, you can try out the game by visiting its official website.

Based on the cards I’ve previewed, I can say the game’s content is currently suitable for mature audiences, however the developers have told me they are including an even more adults-only expansion pack they’re calling be Not Safe for Grandma version to Kickstarter backers!

We may have more coverage of Cheer Up! as the game continues its Kickstarter campaign so stay tuned to the site for more information.