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Conquering The Dragon’s Lair Challenge Update December 20, 2016

Posted by Maniac in Site News.
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Six years ago, our editor and lead writer announced on this website that he intended to conquer the classic arcade game Dragon’s Lair at  the legendary Funspot Arcade in New Hampshire.  He pledged to beat the entire game on one single credit, worth only five lives, having never played the arcade version of it before.  Today, we’re delighted to announce an update on that declaration…six years after we made it!  The GameXcess.net crew will finally be headed up to New Hampshire this week, and we fully intend to make our attempt to Conquer The Dragon’s Lair!

Maniac has spent much of the day practicing on the game’s Blu-Ray Disc version. He learned how to play the game using the original iPhone version, but he has gotten a bit rusty over the years and may require a few attempts.  Win or lose, expect tons of pictures and video of the attempt!

Dragon’s Lair is out now for Arcades, SmartPhones, Tablets, DVD, Blu-Ray Disc, Wii, PS3…and probably tons more platforms than we can count.  Wish us luck!