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Conquering the Dragon’s Lair Challenge November 29, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Site News.

A good friend of mine wants me to take a road trip up to New Hampshire with him within the next few months.  The destination is the Funspot and American Classic Arcade Museum.  The place has plenty of information on it online, including a whole list of the classic games they have at it.

What immediatly drew me to the place is wikipedia listed Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace as games they have to play among the dozens of other classic games at their disposal.  I LOVE these games, but I have never once played the original arcade versions of either.  All of my experience playing these games have come from their respective iPhone and Blu-Ray Disc versions.  That said, while I haven’t played either of the games since Dragon’s Lair iPhone broke after the release of iOS 4.0

After the popularity of my recent Laserdisc article, and the fact I seem to succeed so well whenever I just make a random promise and try to make good on it (like the successful week of editorials) I have decided to spend the next few weeks training my mind and my body to play Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace to perfection.  My goal will be to beat the entire game on just one credit!

I will post up my self appointed rules later on, probably on a Vlog or something.

Of course there will be plenty of pictures and video taken if we go.  The place is listed in Guiness as biggest arcade in the world.  I’m really exited about this, I dusted off my Dragon’s Lair Blu-Ray and tonight after just 4 plays I was able to get through the whole game with just two lives lost.  That said I was pretty rusty when I first started playing again last night, requiring at least a half-dozen continues.  I do remember the sequences, I’m just really rusty.  Space Ace is going to be a lot harder, it has longer sequences and they will randomly flip.  Back in April I could beat the game on the highest difficulty, but I tried one playthrough last night on the iPhone on the easiest difficulty and was traumatized by how bad I had gotten.

The arcade doesn’t have Dragon’s Lair II, and that’s fine, since I’ve never trained myself on Dragon’s Lair II.  I learn on the iPhone versions and Digital Leisure has not yet released Dragon’s Lair II to iPhone (although they’ve been promising it for a year now).



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