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Halo Reach Star Nameplate Giveaway June 23, 2011

Posted by Maniac in Site News.

Update 3:  All nameplates claimed.  Congrats to everyone who got one.

Update 2: Okay, I think Bungie is doing something this week which is making my giveaway redundant. This week is leading up to Bungie Day (7/7) and because this is the last Bungie day with them in control of Halo, they’re going all out for Halo players giving out things like their blue flame helmet and the Bungie nameplate.

A person sent me a comment with his tag and before I could give him his star thanked me for getting it! (Thanks for the love, Ken, but I didn’t do that! I think Bungie did).

My guess is anyone who logs into their profiles to check to see if they have the star nameplate, that’s what’ll unlock them the star nameplate right now. Yeah I know it sucks I’m not the one giving it to you but if for any reason what I said didn’t work and you want the star post a comment and I’ll work my magic on it.

Update: Okay I’ve changed my mind, lets do this today, first four valid Reach connected gamertags to comment here get Star Nameplates!

Okay, after doing the PS3-user exclusive giveaway yesterday I want my Xbox 360 readers to know they have not been forgotten and I’m doing something special for all of them too. This giveaway will be a little different, and the giveaway in question will be for players of the game Halo Reach.

I will be giving away the super exclusive Star Nameplate, which will show up next to your gamertag in all Halo Reach activities as your badge of honor. While there are other nameplates possible for Halo Reach players to obtain, such as the various Halo logos for having played earlier Halo games on live (or registering a Halo 1 PC/Mac CD-Key), being a Bungie Pro member, or playing Marathon XBLA, the Star cannot be obtained right now unless you own an iOS device, and I’m sure there are plenty out there that don’t.

So here are the rules. In order to get the star, you’ll have to submit to me your valid Xbox Live gamertag as a comment in the giveaway thread. The first four people to submit valid tags will get the star unlocked, and they will find it selectable on their profiles.

Now, here’s the tricky part. You HAVE to be a Halo Reach player with a valid gamertag to get anything, and if you’ve never played Halo Reach while connected to Live before, regardless of how long you’ve had your Live account, I will not be able to unlock the star for you and I will give it to the next gamertag in line. Also, if you happen to give me a gamertag that is not connected to Live, but is the same as one that is and has played Reach, well you’re going to give your star to someone else.

So good luck!



1. Ken - June 24, 2011

My GT is “Yurno Einstein”….

Ken - June 24, 2011

That was quick! Thanks a lot Maniac!

2. josh1496 - June 25, 2011


Maniac - June 25, 2011

All yours. Enjoy.

3. Cole - June 25, 2011

Still going on? If so:

Maniac - June 25, 2011


4. ray - June 28, 2011

maddog 2268 would really appreciate it

Maniac - June 28, 2011

You got it.

ray - June 28, 2011

thank you

5. John - July 4, 2011

So if you couldn’t give him the nameplate…
Do you still have one left? (Asking just in case)

Maniac - July 4, 2011


6. John - July 4, 2011

Awesome! Could you please send it to me!? =D
CrankJohn please!

Maniac - July 4, 2011

Done. That’s all I got fellas!

John - July 4, 2011

Hell yeah! Thank you very much!

7. ryan - August 8, 2011

iTz Havoc xL

8. fullmetalp0t - October 1, 2011

could you please send me to me my gt:Fullmetalp0t

Maniac - October 3, 2011

Sorry, they’re all given away.

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