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Resistance 3 E3 2011 Demo June 12, 2011

Posted by Maniac in Site Videos.
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This is the Resistance 3 demo shown at E3 2011 played with a Dual Shock 3.  There were two demos of this game being shown at E3, one was single player, and one was multiplayer.  A version of the single player demo was also shown using the Playstation Move controller, which while I did play that version as well, this video is played with a controller.

Apologies for lack of sound, the E3 demo used headsets, but I can assure you there really was no important storyline quips being thrown around during the demo.

The 3D version of the game was also playable on the show floor, but if I shot that version with my camera, it would give anyone who watched it a headache who wasn’t wearing 3D glasses.

Resistance 3 is coming September 6th, 2011 exclusive to the Playstation 3.