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Bungie Has a Mobile App With Free Halo Reach Goodies June 16, 2011

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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Now that Bungie has struck out on their own from Microsoft to become platform agnostic, they have released their first bit of software for a non-MS platform in ten years, and its something that I’ve been wanting for quite a while.

The app, currently avalible for free for iOS users on the Apple App Store, allows Halo Reach players to not only track their player stats online or the stats of friends, check the news and twitter feeds, but enables its users with the ability to get exclusive content for their Halo Reach character, including the coveted Blue Flame Helmet, and the also coveted Star Nameplate, which was announced back when the other Nameplates were announced, but they never had an announcement how to get it (I don’t think they even knew at the time) until now.

People who don’t have iPhones or iPad should start friending up to people who do, as anyone who downloads the app will be able to give the Star Nameplate to seven friends who have gamertags registered as played Reach.

I’m considering having a star nameplate giveaway here tomorrow.  Check on back for the details!


What Was Cut From Duke Nukem Forever June 16, 2011

Posted by Maniac in Site Videos, What Was Cut.
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I just finished playing through Duke Nukem Forever yesterday, and upon completing it thought there was a heck of a lot more there still was to play in the game.  The original leaked design documents detailed things ranging from Duke clone armies to a whole female lead were not in the final version of the game, nor were a lot of the other enviroments that would have followed the Hoover Dam section of the game, ranging from Area 51 to a battle aboard the Alien Fathership.

In this video, I detail everything I remembered from the design documents, and compare the final version of the game to the original design document.  I also show some concept art and screenshots included in the making of books to give you an idea of what would have come in the game.

This content could still be released as DLC, the first of which is coming free to First Access Club Members soon.