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250GB Xbox 360 Kinect Special Edition Unboxing December 27, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Site Videos.

I’ve been promising it since the Move Unboxing, and now here it is.  The unboxing of the Kinect.  Now I’ve talked about the Kinect plenty already, but like many I’m just really curious how it works.  Well that and I wanted a new Xbox.

I crack open the Special Edition Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle.  This comes with a Kinect and a 250GB Xbox 360 Slim and retails for $400US.

Good things about it:

  • Less Prone to Red Ring due to increased airflow in case design and heatsinks.
  • Native HDMI, something my Xbox 360 does not have.
  • More USB ports.  There are 2 in front and 3 in back, compared to 2 in front and 1 in back with my original.
  • Kinect Port (dubbed AUX port)
  • It’s got a nice surface finish.
  • Integrated Optical Connection, don’t need to plug in the Xbox 360 cable to use Optical, espessially if you don’t need it.
  • Integrated WiFi.

Bad things about the bundle:

  • Kinect which came with it is ONLY compatible with Xbox 360 Slims.  No USB connection included.
  • HD Data must be transferred, not compatible with old Hard Drives.
  • No Faceplate support.
  • Does not come with native Component or HDMI cable.  My original Xbox supported Component input out of box, as did diskreader117’s, and the old Elites (first-gen 120GB w/HDMI) came with HDMI cables.

I also noticed that after fully hooking the Xbox and Kinect up, the system would NOT work without first inserting Kinect Adventures into the Xbox on startup.  Likely this is some kind of theft deterrent.  A friend of mine told me he could get around this by simply disconnecting the Kinect before turning it on, and updating it through Xbox Live.  I have not tried this myself (I inserted the game on request and calibrated my Kinect) but I can imagine this would work.  Instead of booting the game, the Xbox manually updated itself to the newest firmware when I inserted the game disc, then ran the Kinect calibration tool.


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