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Upcoming Site Feature – Japan Travel Tips March 15, 2021

Posted by Maniac in Japan Travel Tips, Site News.

Due to the current world events, international travel has been a no-go. That said, when that restriction eventually gets lifted, I can think of a lot of places that I’m going to want to visit and one of them is Japan.

I’ve made it no secret on this website that I have a strong fondness for Japan. They’re a country rich with history and culture and the home of some of the best game development companies in the world including Nintendo, Sony and Square Enix. In my lifetime, Japan has always had the best technology, incredible food, and beautiful sights.

So can a friendly but non-native language speaking tourist such as myself fully enjoy Japan on their own or with another non-native speaking friend? Japan certainly has its own (for lack of a better word) quirks I certainly want to know about before I visit the nation. So, over the past year I’ve been compiling a list of some of the best independently produced documentary videos about the country. They are produced by a wide range of filmmakers and each give their own important device on traveling, eating and etiquette. I thought that now Universal Studios Japan is nearly ready to open their incredible Super Nintendo World, the time was right to share my research with tourists from all over the world will want to visit.

So, for the time being we will be creating a new topic on the site we will be referring to as our Japan Travel Tips. Each article will focus on tips for a specific topic and provide detailed videos that address the topic. We hope you all enjoy the new series, so stay tuned!


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