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Announcing Dot Hack Tribute Day August 5, 2020

Posted by Maniac in Site News.

For the last twenty years, I have been a fan of the transmedia property .hack//. Pronounced Dot Hack, it is a cyberpunk anime franchise about gamers who interact in a worldwide VR MMO. It was created by developer CyberConnect (now CyberConnect2) and published by Bandai (now BandaiNamco). The franchise has seen multiple game releases (on platforms ranging from the PS2 to mobile) and in one of the first examples of transmedia I can think of in modern day, an animated series that had an interwoven story that took place at the same time as the game. There was also several manga series published.

However, despite my love for the property, we haven’t seen a new .hack// game or animated series in years. In fact, there are a few games and at least one animated feature were never even released outside of Japan. For years, fans have pleaded with the game’s developer CyberConnect2 to make more games, or at the very least port the original games to modern platforms. They did a fantastic job porting the G.U. games to the PS4 and PC not too long ago, but what about the original four games?

It turns out CyberConnect2 is just as interested in making new .hack// games as we are. It turns out that the game’s publisher, BandaiNamco, is not currently letting them do it. So, with all that in mind, we are going to devote tomorrow as a tribute to .hack//. Over the course of the day we will be sharing some of my personal stories about the franchise, why I’m a fan, and how you can become a fan. My hope is to share why I care about this franchise, not only with all of you but with BandaiNamco Entertainment. Maybe this will encourage all of you to share your stories online. If the fans believes it is in the publisher’s best interest to support this property, then we need to show them why they should.

.hack// games have been released on PS2, PS4, PC, PSP and mobile.


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