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Lost Media – Avengers: Damage Control VR January 25, 2023

Posted by Maniac in Lost Media, Site Videos.

You didn’t think we were going to feature just one piece of Lost Media this week did you? Today, we’ll be going back to gaming and talking about a VR game nobody will ever be able to play, Avengers: Damage Control. No, this is not the Avengers game that recently announced it would be ending support. Damage Control was actually based in the MCU and featured actors from the films. Here’s the official trailer for it.

Looks awesome doesn’t it? With VR headsets out there and plenty of systems capable of replicating this software, how did this game become lost media? Well, Damage Control wasn’t a game that you could just purchase, download and play at home. It was developed in conjunction with a company known as The VOID, which operated what I can only describe as a chain of Virtual Reality businesses across the US. To play Damage Control, you had to visit a specially designated VOID facility (but only one that announced they would be offering the game), and buy a ticket to play at a scheduled time. If you didn’t live anywhere near a VOID facility (there were only a few in the world) you would never be able to play Damage Control. In a time where literally any game can be obtained and played from home, this is about as ridiculous as it sounds.

When the world lockdown went into effect, facilities such as the VOID had to cease operations. Since you could only play their games at VOID locations, the VOID has no alternate methods of income. Shortly after operations paused, the company no longer had the ability to produce income to cover expenses and their facilities began to close worldwide, preventing people from playing many of their exclusive games, including Avengers: Damage Control.

We never got to play the original game before the facilities ceased operations. So here’s our take on the game, and our plea for it to be released on the Meta Quest platform.

There have been musings the VOID does plan to return but no word has been given as of the time of writing if they plan to resurrect their existing titles or where they will open their new facilities. If there is an update we will write about it.


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