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Lost Media – Geeks in Love January 24, 2023

Posted by Maniac in Lost Media, Site Videos.

Welcome back to Lost Media where I talk about the Lost Media I’ve come across that nobody else remembers. In the glory days of Flash, a website called Ubergeek.tv produced some unique animations about Linux and Penguins. It shut down years ago, although some of that site’s content has been reuploaded to YouTube.

Sadly, the site’s final film, a ten-minute animation called “Geeks in Love” has not been preserved. It told the story of two young people who fell in love during computings earliest days, and the trials and tribulations of their life together. It was a beautiful short film which seemed like it was based on a true story told years later. I was lucky enough to watch the entire short when it first released, as shortly after its launch the creator put a premium fee to watch the film’s last five minutes. Since the site closed, it has been completely unavailable to rewatch.

Here’s what I remember about it, and my plea to anyone who may have a copy to archive it.


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