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G4 Has Stopped Broadcasting (Again) November 20, 2022

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

To me, there was no greater channel ever broadcast than G4…in its original three years. After it was merged with TechTV in 2005 and became managed by corporate idiots, the channel was essentially ruined. It limped along with pathetic ratings for the next few years until finally ending in 2012, and ceasing broadcasts in 2013. However, it was essentially replaced by nothing. No traditional television channels in the US focused on gaming content, and despite a few attempts by channels like SpikeTV (now Paramount Network), most gaming content and news would be relegated to online streaming.

Last year, G4’s old talent announced the channel would be returning in full force. They announced it…on an online stream. Months later, the channel finally began broadcasting. The problem was, once again, nobody watched it. Unfortunately, the new G4 offered really nothing new of substance. The majority of their “new” shows were comprised of edited episodes of Scott the Woz and Viva La Dirt League, two shows that could already be watched unedited on YouTube. Its new talent was not very compelling, and the returning old talent came off as a generation behind the times. There was also no way to watch its shows or content through Video-On-Demand (VOD), so if you wished to watch content missed after its initial broadcast you would either need to save it on your DVR or hope it would get reposted on their YouTube channel. Eventually, the majority of the staff was fired, and not long after that, the remaining staff was let go as well. This did not bode well for the future of the channel.

On November 14th, G4TV ceased broadcasting (again). To show the channel out, a commercial-free marathon of the network’s post-2005 highlights were broadcast for 48-hours. While I spent a lot of time on this website slamming its post-TechTV era, seeing a “Best of” that era was quite heartwarming.

RIP G4, again.


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