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Gaming History You Should Know – History of Mortal Kombat Commercials November 6, 2022

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Happy Sunday, welcome back to Gaming History You Should Know, where we highlight some of the best documentaries across the web that discusses game history. In 1991, Mortal Kombat released onto arcades across the country and completely swept gamers away with its combination of photo-realistic sprites and violent fatalities. Many sequels and spin offs would follow and thirty years later the franchise is still going strong.

Starting in the mid-90s, Midway produced home console ports of the original arcade games. These ports would honestly sell themselves based on the goodwill of the original arcade experiences, but Midway would still put an incredible amount of money into producing some unique television commercials for them. How wild were they? YouTube Channel ScorePN produced this great video looking back on them. Check it out!

Mortal Kombat games are out now on multiple platforms.

A Pokemon From Scarlet and Violet is Appearing in Pokemon Go November 6, 2022

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The Pokémon Company has just released this major video. The implication is a previously never before seen Pokemon made specifically for the 9th GEN titles is about to appear in Pokémon Go. Let’s take a look.

This simple video of two Pokémon Professors puts Pokémon Go’s universe firmly into the mainline Pokémon timeline.

Pokémon Go is out now for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet are coming November 18th, 2022 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.