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Japan Travel Tips – What to Know When You Land at the Airport March 23, 2021

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Its Tuesday and that means we’re coming at you with some new Japan Travel Tips. If you’re unfamiliar with this series, we’re going share with you some of the best independently produced documentaries designed to help international tourists who wish to visit Japan. After surviving 2020, you can be sure I REALLY want to travel, and why not travel to a country that is the birthplace of some of my favorite games of all time? Well, you already know all the important things about the country before you land. Today, we’re going to tell you what should you know when your plane lands at the airport.

I want to highlight a video produced by japan-guide.com which I think is so well produced it should be put on international airplane in-flight entertainment just before landing. This is a list of tips which include a rundown of how things in Japan work, and how you can get around the country.

Before we start the next video here’s a list of things you should pack with you (other than weather appropriate clothing):

  • Personal Identification (your passport should suffice)
  • A cellular smart device with the ability to translate Japanese language and navigate via GPS (Google and Apple phones have integrated translator and maps apps. Probably a good idea to download the language to your device).
  • Traveler’s Checks or a Bank Card that can easily be converted to local currency
  • Reusable Napkin/handkerchief
  • A major credit card (for hotels and emergencies)

You can also pack a camera and a laptop computer if you’re like me and plan to document your trip as you are taking it.

So what do you do once you’ve landed, gotten your luggage, and cleared customs? Well, I’m going to highlight a great video from Life Where I’m From, which did a really detailed video about “Your First Hour in Japan” which should help a non-Japanese speaking tourist navigate their way from the airport to their hotel.

And here’s what you should obtain immediately once you land:

  • Local currency (exchange enough you think you’ll be able to eat with)
  • An IC Card or other train pass
  • A Cellular/WiFi hotspot for your smart device and computer or a local SIM card if you just have a smartphone.
  • Some food to go

Regardless of how long you plan to stay in Japan, you’re going to need a place to sleep, and Japan has plenty of Hotel options available which may not seem familiar to international travelers. Stay tuned for next Tuesday as we’ll be talking about Hotel accommodations next time!

Marvel’s Avengers Essentials Episode 1 March 23, 2021

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Square Enix does recognize that with Marvel’s Avengers now getting native releases on the next-generation consoles, new players and players who haven’t been able to play for a while may want some strategies about what the game now offers. Because of that, they’ve started a new series called Avengers Essentials. In this first episode they talk about the Missions and game modes. With all the new campaigns being added they’ve had to tweak the menus to better accommodate the new content. Let’s take a closer look:

Now that we finally have the time, we’ve started playing the new postgame DLC campaigns. Perhaps in the future we could do a let’s play.

Marvel’s Avengers is out now for PC, Stadia, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.