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Pokemon: Top Gear Academy Episode 6 March 11, 2021

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It has been almost impossible to find new Pokémon TCG cards for sale at retail stores, but the Top Gear Academy series continues to play on with the best tips and tricks for new players and people trying to get back in the game. Today, host Andrew Mahone looks at the famous PikaROM deck, and how to get the best out of this electric type deck.

Batman: Dying Is Easy Released March 11, 2021

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I know I’m highlighting a film and not a video game today but it impossible to remove the cultural impact the character of Batman has had on video games. Created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger, Batman existed as a superhero with no actual powers. What he presented was the ultimate embodiment of a human who endured a life tragedy and used it as a motivation to achieve complete mental and physical perfection. While he (as a character) has been presented and refined in many different forms over the years, including the incredible Batman: Arkham Asylum games I feel that his live-action interpretation has been done best by his greatest fans, particularly the people over at Bat in the Sun.

For two decades, Bat in the Sun has been creating independent comic book films. In each one, they’ve improved their craft and now I’m happy to announce their latest film, Batman: Dying is Easy, has been released. Starring Kevin Porter, Michael Madsen, Doug Jones, and Aaron Schoenke, the film has to be seen to be believed. You can watch it below: