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More Final Fantasy VII Games Coming to Mobile February 25, 2021

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Around the same time that Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced for the PS5, Square Enix also released trailers for these two other games in the Final Fantasy VII universe. The difference is these games are coming to mobile platforms.

First up is Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis which looks like an episodic remake of Final Fantasy VII but promises to include chapters from other parts of the expanded Final Fantasy VII universe.

This next game is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII called The First Solider. Longtime fans may remember Solider as the organization Cloud claimed to belong to. Perhaps this is going to tell the story of how that organization came to be.

I must admit this is giving me flashbacks to 2005, when Square started pushing new FF7-related games and content on multiple fronts including mobile, PS2 and home video. The problem was everyone by then just wanted a remake. Now that we know we are getting remakes, I’m curious how the Internet will respond to this new campaign.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis and Final Fantasy VII The First Solider are coming to Android and iOS devices.


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