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Google Shutting Down First Party Stadia Game Development, All Future Stadia Games Will Be Third Party February 1, 2021

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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Google shocked everyone when they announced Stadia, a cloud based game streaming service. Initial reviews were awful but Google persevered and currently, Stadia has cut themselves a decent niche in the gaming market for gamers who want to play games without having to buy expensive hardware and endure weekly game updates. Heck, I’ve used Stadia and I thought it delivered on Google’s promises, and it provided a superior experience playing Cyberpunk 2077 than the Xbox One X does.

However, as a long term veteran of the console wars I could tell you a game platform is only as viable as its best exclusive titles. To date, Stadia has exactly ONE exclusive game. Google promised more exclusives would be coming to Stadia from recognizable game studios they had banded together through a company program. Well, that has come to an end.

Earlier today, Google announced they are no longer developing First-Party games for Stadia. No word was given as to why, or what that meant for the studios Google hired to develop exclusive games for them. Stadia itself will continue to operate and all games currently on the system will continue functioning. But that’s not the question I’m wondering about. How can a gaming platform survive without exclusive first party titles? I guess we will all be finding out the answer to that question together.