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Star Wars: Republic Commando Coming Back to Switch and PS4 February 24, 2021

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One of the last great Star Wars PC games was called Republic Commando. It was a squad based first person shooter which took place just before the events of Star Wars Episode III, and told the story of a small tactical unit of clone troopers during the height of the Clone Wars. I actually got to personally preview the game at E3 2004 and was impressed by it. The game officially launched Holiday 2004 on the PC and original Xbox. While users, including myself, enjoyed it tremendously it never received a sequel or any expansion packs.

Since EA’s grip on Star Wars games have loosened, there has been a heavy demand to see more of the classic Lucasarts games return to become playable on modern gaming consoles. Have I got good news for you today, take a look at this:

Star Wars: Republic Commando is coming April 6th to PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

What to Do When Your Joy-Con Has Drift February 24, 2021

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We love the Nintendo Switch here on this site. But if you have a Nintendo Switch, it is possible the analog sticks in your controller may start to experience symptoms of drift. What is drift? Drift is what happens when your controller starts to do things you aren’t telling it to, either by ignoring your inputs or creating inputs of their own.

So, if your Joy-Con is drifting, what do you do? You can get Nintendo to repair your drifting controller here. Here’s what the experience was like for us:

Ed. Note: Please note this is for North America only.