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My Thoughts on the First Pokemon Presents Stream June 17, 2020

Posted by Maniac in Editorials.

The first Pokémon Presents stream was held this morning and we have a ton of new announcements to go through. It was an incredible way to kick off this new format of video announcements and I’m going to break everything that was said down for you.

1. DLC1, the Isle of Armor is out for Pokémon Sword/Shield and you can play it if you purchase the expansion pass on the eShop.

If you already purchased the Expansion Pass off the eShop just update your game and get back into it. Also update Pokemon Home while you’re at it. I’m loving the first expansion so far, since there’s a lot to do in it with an enormous wild area to explore with tons of classic Pokémon returning. I’ve been throwing my PokéBalls left and right. The issue I see is it’s got a serious level grind (All Wild Pokémon are level 60) and one of the challenges requires you to take a low level Pokémon an level it to at least 70. That said it has fun collectibles although those Diglett are near impossible to find in some areas.

2. Pokemon Smile is out free for iOS/Android devices.

It’s free so there’s no reason not to at least test it out but I’m clearly not the intended demographic for it. I tried it out and am currently unable to angle my phone in a way to have the camera see my face while I’m brushing unless I’m brushing while on my knees. Children would probably have a lot of fun with it.

3. Mega Evolution is coming to Pokémon Go‬. Also, you can find Galarian Far’fetched if you play Pokémon Go right now.

Can’t comment on Mega Evolution since that’s not really out yet. However, it was a GEN6 staple…even though Pokémon from earlier Gens could do it. Does this mean we will see GEN6 Pokémon come into Go yet? As for the limited-time event, Far’Fetched found in this event do not evolve into Sir’Fetched. That is a huge bummer but when you take into account that far’fetched are not supposed to even spawn in the US at all, if you previously missed an opportunity to get one, nows your time to rectify that.

4. New Pokémon Snap!!! No seriously that’s it’s title.

I know a guy online who will be very happy about this announcement. It looks incredible can’t wait to play it myself. Honestly I don’t care if it’s merely a remaster of the first game with new Pokémon or if it’s a sequel. Pokémon Snap is a beloved game that deserves attention, it was probably one of the most fondly remembered of the Pokémon spin-off games by the mainstream Nintendo audience.

5. Pokémon Cafe Mix is up for preorder!

This game looks cute but that’s not all I have to say about it. A Pokémon Cafe exists in the real world and it looks almost exactly like this! Now can we get more of them, I want to drink a latte with a Pikachu in the foam! Anyways you can preorder this for free on your platform of choice, iOS, Android, or Switch

6. Mythical Gigantamax Event in Sword and Shield for 1,000,000 player defeats of Zeraora.

Can’t comment on how I feel about this. Don’t know anyone who would want to do it with me and I really don’t think I have a chance by myself. I do think it’s great that all players can benefit together for a combined goal. That is typically the component that makes Pokémon Go Fests so much fun!

That’s not all! Another Pokémon Presents will stream next week. We still haven’t heard a peep about Pokémon Sleep or Detective Pikachu 2 (Nintendo Switch) yet so my fingers are still crossed those will finally be revealed.



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