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Mind of Maniac – The First Time I Bought Art June 9, 2020

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As Mr. Spock would say, “For everything, there is a first time.” I have been interested in art for most of my adult life, but the rigid framework for memorization of art history (and the insanely early class hours) has always prevented me from exploring my interest any deeper than the surface. Still, I’ve been to museums I’ve attended art exhibitions and I’ve seen documentaries on the subject. Then, I saw a piece of art while at a trade show with my fiancée.

What happened? Watch and find out.

You can see more examples of MiJuMi’s art on his website.

Playstation 5 Reveal June 11 June 9, 2020

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Sony has announced their updated reveal for the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 console. Take a look!

Playstation 5 is expected to receive its first major preview June 11th at 1PM PST.