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Mind of Maniac – What to Put in a Pokemon Theme Park Land June 4, 2020

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Recently, we’ve been inspired by the work of David Ganssel, better known to the internet as Doggans, and his new series “Armchair Imagineering”. In that series, he gives his ideas for the biggest most elaborate (and expensive) ways to develop theme park rides based on recognizable intellectual property. Today, we decided to throw our hat into the ring and submit our own ideas for that very subject.

Later this summer (pending delays) Universal Studios Japan is expected to launch the very first Super Nintendo World, a full theme-park land devoted to Nintendo’s classic games and characters. Officially, we know next to nothing about what to expect when it does open, although rumors have persisted for some time about what is being constructed. US citizens unable to travel to Japan will be happy to learn it is all but certain that portions of Super Nintendo Land will open in Universal’s bi-coastal theme parks including the new one opening in Orlando, Florida, Epic Universe.

However, while we have heard rumors Mario, Yoshi and Donkey Kong will be coming to Universal’s parks nobody has mentioned anything about Nintendo’s actual biggest franchise, Pokémon. As of the time this article is being written, Pokémon is the number one selling franchise of our time, and yet Universal Studios has not hinted any Pokémon content is coming to their parks. That could mean that Pokémon themed lands might be getting saved for later expansions of Epic Universe, but we have no way to confirm that.

So if you had access to the latest technology, the smartest minds in engineering, unlimited funds and only the limitations of reality to deal with, what would you create if you were told to design a Pokémon-themed land for a major theme park? What do you say we talk about it. There will be rides, there will be shows, there will be food and there will be merch. Please watch and enjoy.

Pokémon games are out now on various platforms including the Nintendo Switch.

The Last of Us Part II Extended TV Commercial June 4, 2020

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The hottest PS4 exclusive of this summer is lining up to be The Last of Us Part II and now the game has started to get commercials aired on television. In case you haven’t seen it yet or want to see it again, here’s the full extended commercial.

The Last of Us Part II is coming June 19th, 2020 exclusively to the PS4.