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“Fantastic” Stuff Coming to Spider-Man PS4 January 8, 2019

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

No singular comic series defined the Silver Age of comics, and could be cited as being the genesis of Marvel’s interconnected comic universe than The Fantastic Four. Created by the late Stan “The Man” Lee, the Four were comprised of Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm. They absorbed massive quantities of cosmic rays while on a scientific exploration of space which gave them incredible powers. Reed Richards, whose incredible knowledge always “stretched” to the sky, gained the ability to stretch his limbs making him Mr. Fantastic. Johnny Storm, a hothead, gained the ability to create and total invulnerability to fire making him The Human Torch. Susan Storm, who went through life feeling invisible, gained the ability to bend light and force fields around herself making her the Invisible Woman. Finally there’s the team mascot, Benjamin J. Grimm, who grew up on the rough and tumble streets of NYC, had his organs and skin completely solidified hard as rock, turning him into The Thing.

Due to concerns over the status of film rights to the franchise, Marvel had shelved products about their first family, The Fantastic Four, to much sadness. This was a big loss for the comics fan because the book was unlike many other comics when they were published. They have no secret identities and live their super-powered lives out in the open for all the good and bad that goes along with that. These four live the lives of superheroes as if superhumans existed in real life. Their book holds the honor of being the very first Marvel book to make it to a 500th issue, proving that they were still relevant in today’s day and age.

The first time I ever came across the Fantastic Four in gaming was when I played the game Ultimate Spider-Man. The Human Torch visited Spider-Man’s school early on in the game to challenge him to a race. After “owning” Johnny, you can challenge him to other (very difficult) races by climbing The Baxter Building, the home of the Four, and challenging Johnny to a race. It was great to see the home of the Fantastic Four in Ultimate Spider-Man’s open-world NYC just as they have appeared in the comics.

Thirteen years later, Spider-Man is released on the PS4 and surpasses every previous game the character had ever appeared in. However, continuing rights issues prevented any mention of The Fantastic Four from appearing in the game, despite other components of the Marvel Universe getting name-dropped. There was no appearance of The Baxter Building, none of the four members appeared or were mentioned by name, and the Bombastic Bagman costume was not featured in the game. This was such a shame as in the comics, The Fantastic Four are a major force in New York, and they are at the full disposal of any heroes in Marvel’s comics.

Well, I’ve got some news for you today. This week Marvel has announced will be known as The World’s Greatest Week, and it will revolve around the Fantastic Four’s glorious return. To kick it off, Marvel hosted a two hour live stream dedicated to the Four, and you can watch it below. Stay tuned to the last two minutes for a big surprise.

The most important takeaway I’m getting from this announcement is that more content is coming to Spider-Man PS4! This is a big turn around from Marvel’s previous policy where they pretended the Fantastic Four does not exist! We don’t know what all of the details about this announcement are because Marvel is keeping it very secret at this time but that is likely to change as the World’s Greatest Week presses on!

What would you like to see that is connected to The Fantastic Four make an appearance in Spider-Man? Honestly, I would love to see The Baxter Building return to Manhattan’s skyline where I feel it belongs. Stay tuned, we will keep you posted the moment Marvel announces what is coming!

Spider-Man is out now exclusively for PS4.


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