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Kingdom Hearts III Memory Archive January 28, 2019

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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Tomorrow, a game many people have been waiting over ten years for will be released. Kingdom Hearts III is the final game in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, meant to finally tie up all the loose ends left throughout the previous games. For new players interested in picking up this new game, I recommend obtaining Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far for the PS4. It includes HD versions of all the games previously ported to the PS3 and they look phenomenally. If you’re like me and you haven’t been able to get through the hundreds of hours of gameplay recently, it always helps to have a referesher. Square Enix officially released these referesher videos about the previous games. They’re presented in five parts.

I also recommend a few animated Disney films which trailers have confirmed players will be visiting in Kingdom Hearts III. Tangled, Frozen, Toy Story, Big Hero 6, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Kingdom Hearts III is out at midnight for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Fantastic Update Released for Spider-Man on PS4, Two Free Suits Added January 28, 2019

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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Two weeks ago, Marvel announced the return of the Fantastic Four in Marvel’s video games. During the end of that broadcast they teased a “Fantastic” update would be coming to Spider-Man on the PS4 but neglected to go into further detail about what that meant. Speculation ran rampant about what the update would entail and everything from new suits, new missions, or the return of the Baxter Building were discussed. Today, Insomniac released two new Fantastic Four related suits for Spider-Man on the PS4 completely free of charge.

The first suit included in the patch is probably one of the most requested suits for the game and a suit I declared months ago would have the lowest chance of appearing in the game, the Bombastic Bagman suit. In the comics, it was a temporary suit Peter Parker used which incorporated a Fantastic Four uniform made up of special unstable molecules and a paper bag. You could tell Spidey didn’t have much time to put that one together. Sadly the in-game suit lacks the distinctive “Kick Me” sign seen in the comics, but otherwise the suit’s detail is extraordinary. The second new suit included in the patch is known as the Future Foundation suit. It is a special suit invented by the Fantastic Four for Spider-Man during the time he joined the team following the death of Johnny Storm.

You should be able to receive the new suits and a few bug fixes with the game’s most recent free patch right now. Stay tuned, we will be doing a live stream with the suits later today!

Spider-Man is out now exclusively for the PS4.