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Gaming History You Should Know – Popular Silent Hill Fan Theories Debunked July 9, 2017

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It’s Sunday and that means it is once again time for Gaming History You Should Know, where we look at some of the best gaming history content produced on the internet. What can I say about Silent Hill that hasn’t already been said?  It’s a beloved gaming franchise published by Konami that has, after several management missteps, fallen onto hard times.  Silent Hill‘s strength has always been its themes and how it defines horror.  Just like any well-written story, Silent Hill‘s content has left itself open to interpretation, and I know that fans have created their own theories about the games over the years.  Some of those fan theories have gone on to be accepted canon by the majority of Silent Hill fans, while other fan theories rely on concepts directly contradicted by in-game dialog or the game’s developers.

Dena Natali of the YouTube Channel Cyborcat runs one of my favorite channels on that entire website. She’s a long standing fan of the Silent Hill franchise and to this date has done several in-depth reviews and analysis of nearly every game in the franchise. I know I’ve featured her reviews in the past, but her videos are just so darn good I think her channel deserves another look.

Recently, Dena produced a video about her top five Silent Hill fan theories that are wrong. These theories have been spread across the web over the past few years, and she organized them by their level of personal frustration.  Its a great video my girlfriend and I enjoyed watching together and it is clear Dena really knows the history of Silent Hill. Enjoy!

Hope you all enjoyed the video as much as I did. In fact Dena’s videos have inspired me to take a closer look at Silent Hill, and that means we could produce some of our own Silent Hill related articles or videos in the future!  Be sure to stay tuned to this website or subscribe to stay up to date with all our latest content!