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Silent Hill Day – The Game Den October 25, 2012

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Dena Natali, who goes by the internet alias Cyborcat, has a fantastic channel where she reviews all kinds of movies and video games for quite some time.  She is a HUGE Silent Hill fan, and has done some amazing reviews of the games.

One of the first game reviews of her that I had seen was her review for Silent Hill 4: The Room, a game that I have not yet had the pleasure to play or even own yet.  I remember seeing it previewed at E3 2004, and hearing that the reviews of it had been mixed, but not much else about the game’s content or story, other than it was about a guy…trapped in a room.

Just be aware, there’s going to be spoilers in these reviews, but she is pretty good about saying exactly when in the videos the spoilers are coming.

For the purposes of space, here’s the first part of that review.  Her entire Silent Hill 4 review ran a whopping FIVE parts.

If you’re interested in watching the other parts of her Silent Hill 4: The Room review, you can watch Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here, and Part 5 here.

Silent Hill 4: The Room was not her only Silent Hill game review.  In fact, we barely scratched the surface.  So lets turn back the clock and show the first Silent Hill game released for the Playstation 2.  This has been considered by many to be the finest Silent Hill game ever made and I’ve been playing it non stop for weeks now.  Of course I’m talking about Silent Hill 2.

If you want to watch the rest of the review.  Part 2 is here.  Part 3 is here.  And you can watch Part 4a here and Part 4b here.  Just take a note when you’re watching Part 4a on a non computer device as I had problems watching it on my mobile phone.

There’s also a review for Silent Hill 3, and for someone who hasn’t played that game yet, it hits every single reason why I should be playing it.  Here’s Part 1.

You can also check out Part 2 here.  Part 3 is here.  Part 4 is here.  Part 5 is here.

Her Silent Hill reviews weren’t just restricted to the to the original four.  She has also reviewed some of the more recent Silent Hill games made by American development houses.

If you’re interested in watching her review of Silent Hill: 0rigins, you can check it out here.

She has also done a Let’s Play of Silent Hill: Shattered Dimensions.  If you’re interested in checking that out, you can view the entire playlist here.  If you prefer something shorter, you can check out her review below.

And finally, here’s a review of Silent Hill: Homecoming, the first Silent Hill game made for this generation of consoles.  It’s had a…mixed reception, but the review is fantastic.

Wow, that’s a lot of videos isn’t it?  You can check out more of Dena Natali’s reviews on That Guy with the Glasses, or her YouTube Channel.

Keep tuned to gamexcess.net for more content on Silent Hill Day!


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