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You Will Be Missed, GameTrailers February 10, 2016

Posted by Maniac in Editorials, You Will Be Missed.

In 2006, my Sony PSP received a software update which gave it the ability to play pretty decent quality video files I could store on a Memory Stick.  While I had the ability to convert most of the video files I wanted to the PSP’s new video format, some websites wanted to be at the cutting edge of technology and offered plenty of their site’s video content available to download in that format.  I  downloaded a review of the game Dead Rising for the Xbox 360 to my PSP and watched it. I thought the video was well written, with some great editing, and I agreed with its conclusions.

That was the first time I came across content produced by the website GameTrailers. Yesterday, in an announcement I’m still trying to believe, the people who were employed by the site have announced they were all let go.

I’ve been following gaming news for over fifteen years and I’ve been involved in the industry for over ten years as a staff writer on various sites. I understand that not all companies last forever, but there comes a time when you are so caught up in the activities of an organization that when it shuts down, a part of you goes with it. It’s happened to me more times than I can remember, and here’s a story about another one. It is a sad story to see such great potential end abruptly, but we have to move on, and we will never forget.

In Summer 2007 I was working a college job and I became obsessed with a game called The Darkness. When I first saw a commercial for it air on TV, I immediately became interested in obtaining it. Usually games rarely released during the summer, but this game has been developed by the studio who made Escape from Butcher Bay, and was based on a comic series with a cult following.  Unable to buy the game yet, I decided to look for all the information I could about it, and that brought me to GameTrailers.  They had just recently reviewed the game and had a lot of other videos about it ready to download. For two weeks I visited that site daily to try and get the latest information I could about games like Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots, Halo 3, and Bioshock.

While the site would mirror most of the popular game trailers, it was top notch at their editing quality when it came to producing exclusive previews and reviews of new games. Also, GameTrailers had a lot of amazing and unique content creators.  I’m sure everyone will remember ScrewAttack’s partnership with the site, which brought in series like The Angry Video Game Nerd, but if there was any reason to watch GameTrailer’s content, it was for their Retrospectives.  Seriously, if you ever have a few free hours try checking out their retrospectives on Final Fantasy, Metroid, Metal Gear, or Star Wars. You won’t be disappointed.

Farewell, GameTrailers, you will be missed!



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