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Quantum Break Coming to Windows 10 Day and Date With Xbox One Version February 11, 2016

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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Microsoft responded to the pleas of the entire internet today and confirmed that Quantum Break, the first game ever announced for the Xbox One, will be coming to the PC!  Here’s the official confirmation by Major Nelson and all the details you’ll need to know about it!

That’s right!  Anyone who buys Quantum Break on Xbox One will ALSO get themselves a free copy of Alan Wake (with both DLC episodes) which they can play on their Xbox One using Backwards Compatibility.  Anyone who preorders the Xbox One version of Quantum Break (either digitally or through a participating retailer) will get a free copy of the PC version of Quantum Break, and a copy of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare for the Xbox One (playable through Xbox One Backwards Compatibility).

Oh and yes, Alan Wake (and its subsequent DLC) and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare are coming to Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility lineup!

The PC version of Quantum Break has some pretty steep system requirements, requiring at minimum an Intel i5 Processor and an Nvidia 760 GPU.  Obviously I would recommend an Intel i7 and Nvidia 980 for best performance.  The game will also require Windows 10, so if you’re using Windows 7 or Windows 8, now might be the time to finally perform that system upgrade you’ve been putting off?

Quantum Break is coming to Xbox One AND Windows 10 PCs April 5th, 2016.