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Heavenly Sword Movie Announced October 31, 2013

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

In 2007, developer Ninja Theory released their first exclusive game to Sony’s Playstation 3, called Heavenly Sword.  It had a deep story with fantastic characters, and a similar gameplay style to Sony’s Playstation 2 hit series God of War.  Sadly, the game critically suffered as many people complained just how short it was, and after the game’s release Ninja Theory moved on to other projects.  Because of this, most people forgot about the series and moved on.  This is quite a shame since…well without going too deep into spoilers the original game did end with a pretty big cliffhanger.

I can remember some musings from Ninja Theory shortly after Heavenly Sword’s release that they had the facilities and the expertise to make a dedicated CGI movie, but that really didn’t go any further.  They were working with WETA to make the original game, and it looked great.  All characters were digitally performance captured from actors including Andy Serkis.  A CGI movie would have made a really good fit for the series, but we hadn’t heard anything further about that in years.  Imagine my surprise when this trailer hit the web last night.

That’s right, they’re making an Heavenly Sword CGI movie, and it looks to be a direct adaptation of the original game.  From what I can see in the the trailer, the movie makers have replicated the game’s art style perfectly.  I’m also happy to see that Anna Torv, who was the lead actress in the original game, will be reprising her role for this movie.  It looks like Alfred Molina (famous for playing Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2) will be replacing Andy Serkis as the antagonist.

I’m really excited about this development.  I was a fan of Heavenly Sword when it was first released, and I have been hoping for quite some time that they would continue the franchise in some form.  I’ve extended an invitation for interviews on behalf of this site to the movie’s filmmakers.

Heavenly Sword: The Movie will be coming April 2014.



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