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Killer Instinct Pin Ultimate Edition Release Moved Up October 23, 2013

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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I know a lot of people can’t wait for the latest Killer Instinct game to come to the Xbox One at the console’s launch, and in anticipation of that the guys at Penny-Arcade have previously announced they are working on a Killer Instinct retail box exclusively for sale through Microsoft Stores, and they were able to push up the retail game’s release to the same day as the Xbox One’s launch.

Unfortunately, I no longer thinks this boxed game will be a good value.  The retail box will only include a download code for the game content.  No disc will be included, so you’ll still need an internet connection on your Xbox One to download it through Live.  The retail box will not offer any more game content than what you can already purchase with a direct online download.  There aren’t going to be any special behind the scenes videos, soundtracks, or exclusive DLC included with the package, just the two pins and a box with slots for more.

For a twenty dollar premium over a full-priced download of the game you get what amounts to an empty box with two collector’s pins.  Any further pins need to be purchased through the Penny-Arcade website, collected through public events which people may not be able to afford to attend, or sheer luck.  And since the Pin Ultimate Edition is only going to be able to be purchased through the very uncommon Microsoft Stores, it is highly likely that not a lot of players will be able to pick them up.  If the Pin Ultimate game box is going to be as uncommon as Penny-Arcade and Microsoft are making it out to be, who is going to care about collecting these pins at major gaming events?

So it will be coming out sooner, but the question is, is it really worth buying?

Killer Instinct Pin Ultimate Edition is coming November 22nd, 2013 exclusive to the Xbox One and only sold through Microsoft Stores.