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Games You Should Play With Your Significant Other September 28, 2013

Posted by Maniac in Editorials.
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Let’s face it, there are going to be a lot of people who visit this site who have significant others who do not share their interests in gaming like they do and would like to change that.  On Thursday, I posted up an article where I detailed ten games that probably would not help them in that endeavor, or at least shouldn’t be the first games they should play with their significant others.

To further help you out, here are ten games that I would recommend playing with your significant other.  These games were chosen because they are just fun games to play that exemplify some of the best aspects of the medium and should not provoke any relationship arguments.  Now a lot of these games can be played in two-player, but some of these games are single-player only.  Please don’t worry too much about that, their single-player campaigns can be just as fun to watch as they are to play, and at the very least, you can always change who’s playing at regular intervals.

1. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – PS3 players can find a lot to enjoy in this entire exclusive series.  Each game has a great story, fun gameplay, and incredible exotic locations to explore.  Whether you decide to play the game or just watch your partner play it, you’ll have fun together, and it always helps to have a second mind to help figuring out some of the puzzles.   In fact, wasn’t there a Kevin Butler commercial about this for Uncharted 2?

2. Nintendo LandNintendo Land is a great game for couples to play.  Imagine a theme park where each section focuses specifically on each of Nintendo’s popular franchises and imagine visiting it with your partner.  You’ll get the chance to work together or against each other in a wide array of different minigames that are inspired by many of Nintendo’s properties including Metroid, Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and more.  It’s a lot of fun to play these games together, and just be aware that even if you are playing against each other, the game will save the coins you earn playing to help you unlock more decorations for the park.  So even if you are playing against each other, you’re still helping each other towards a common goal.

3. Pokémon – Even from its humble beginnings, Pokémon is the definitive two-player portable game.  With two games being released for each iteration, Nintendo has made it clear that you need to travel through both of them in order to capture all the Pokémon and become the very best like no one ever was.  Imagine each of you playing through one of a generation’s games at the same time as your partner is playing through the other.  The Pokémon world is bright, colorful, and there’s a lot to explore.  You can share tips on how to get through different areas, give each other advice on how to best battle the various gym leaders, but best of all you can link up at the various Pokémon Centers and trade your Pokémon, expanding your experience and building your Pokédex.  Get your partner a Nintendo 2DS or 3DS and a copy of one of these games.  With two trainers working together, it is possible to truly catch ’em all!

4. Halo 4Halo has always been the definitive party game since the first game launched with the original Xbox but the Xbox 360 exclusive Halo 4 cranked cooperative play up to eleven.  On the one hand, you will be able to play an engrossing single-player story together on the same Xbox 360, as you try to save the life of the partner you’ve had since the very first Halo game.  Or if that is not your cup of tea, you can play through a lengthy ten-part campaign (each with five levels) which will set the scene for the story of Halo 5.  This is the perfect game for couples to play.  Oh and the best part is, unless you’re playing with the Iron Skull enabled, if your partner dies, they can always have the opportunity to respawn without much of a penalty.

5. Alan Wake – This PC and Xbox 360 exclusive is a game about a regular guy trying to save his significant other from supernatural forces, a perfect subject matter for couples.  The story, music and gameplay are so much fun to either play or watch your partner play.  The worst thing that could end up happening over this game is the argument you may have over who gets to play next.  In fact, the setting is so incredibly atmospheric don’t blame me if someone wants to go on a vacation to the Pacific Northwest after finishing the game.

6. Dance Central – Who needs prom?  People like to dance and there’s nothing wrong with that, and this game will give you an excuse to dance with your significant other, and who wouldn’t want that?  Whether you decide to trade-off dancing the lead, or be your significant other’s backup dancer, you can learn new dance moves together while listing to some fun party songs.

7. Kinect Adventures – If you have a Kinect for your Xbox 360 you already have this game. In Kinect Adventures, you need to accomplish a series of fun mini-games using your entire body, so it is a great exercise tool for both of you.  As for why it would be so great to bring your partner in it with you, two people can accomplish a lot more in this game than one, and your scores will reflect that.  Just be aware, the game will randomly snap some pictures of you two having fun and will show them to you at the end of each level.

8. Journey – Many people have considered this 2012’s Game of the Year, and while I don’t agree with that sentiment, I do see exactly where they’re coming from.  The game is beautiful, the music is amazing, and the world laid out in front of you just begs to be explored. thatgamecompany produced the perfect game to play with someone who has never played a game before.  You can’t die, there’s no penalty for exploring the game’s world or trying different things to solve the game’s puzzles.  The best part is that you never know when you’ll find help.  Random players online phase in and out of the game’s world.  You can either choose to work together or leave them behind.  The mountain’s peak calls.

9. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX – Lets face it, we’ve all grown up watching a lot of Disney’s classic films, and this game series has been the culmination of all of them. This is a game series that takes some of Disney’s biggest franchises and most popular characters and puts you right in the middle of their worlds, and the characters in them look, act and sound exactly as you remember them.  A great game to play for the nostalgic.  While the games are single-player only, Kingdom Hearts: 365/2 Days is a fully remastered HD cinematic game, so it makes for a nice excuse to sit down on the couch together, pop some popcorn and just watch the story unfold.

10. Minecraft – The goal of this game is to build structures in an artistically pixelated world fighting off zombies, spiders and other creepers but in reality this game is really just a goldmine for your creative side.  You can link with friends, check out their work, or create an entire world of your own.  How much fun would it be to build an entire world from scratch and then have your partner explore it with you?

So there you have it, ten games that would work great to introduce to your significant other, even if they aren’t a gamer.  Special thanks to Princess Angel for helping me out with this!