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Histories Section Expanded September 2, 2013

Posted by Maniac in Site News.
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Many of you guys have been enjoying the Video Game Handheld War series that I’ve been writing for the GameXcess.net History Section.  I am happy to know that this series has been gaining so much popularity as it has been such a pleasure to write, and I have decided that more parts of the series will be written.

However, the Video Game Handheld War series is only the most recent ongoing series I have written for the site’s History section, and because of that I have expanded the GameXcess.net History Section in the site’s lower right sidebar.  Now you can catch up on any part of our major ongoing history articles by simply clicking on the name of the series from any page on the website.  Enjoy!

You can read about the ongoing Video Game Console War here.  In this series anachronos and I write about all of the major console showdowns which have taken place since the days the original Nintendo Entertainment System battled with the Sega Master System up to this very day.

The decision on what would replace DVD as the preferred HD movie format was not an easy one, and would end up being decided by the consumers. You can read about the first HD Movie Format War between the Sony Blu-Ray Disc and Toshiba’s HD-DVD here.

You can read the three part series on The Life and Death of E for All here.  This was a convention which tried to overtake the magic of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in the two year span that E3 decided to become a smaller event.

Finally, you can read every article on The Video Game Handheld War right here.  In this ongoing series, we talk about the origins of Video Game Handheld Systems, and talk about every video game console battle starting with the days of the Nintendo Game Boy.

Do not worry, all of the latest articles in any further developing series will be added to those links as they are posted.  Please feel free to post a comment on what you think of this update, and of any new ideas you may have on further history articles!