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Nintendo 3DS StreetPass Discussion August 4, 2013

Posted by Maniac in Mind of Maniac, Site Videos.

In this unscripted video, Maniac talks about his favorite feature of the Nintendo 3DS, StreetPass.  StreetPass is an integrated 3DS-exclusive feature which is built into every version of the Nintendo handheld.  It allows you to pick up the Miis of other 3DS owners and use them in some exclusive games.

In the latest Mind of Maniac video for GameXcess.net, Maniac is going to talk about the ways to get the best use out of StreetPass.  He also talks about StreetPass’s strengths and limitations, and the new features Nintendo has promised for it,


1. Nintendo Announces 3DS StreetPass Weekend | GameXcess.net - Gaming News, Videos and Editorials! - December 6, 2013

[…] Nintendo also promises something special may be coming at New Year’s, but didn’t elaborate further on that.  If you’re interested to learn more about our thoughts on Nintendo’s StreetPass feature, you can check out this video. […]

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