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Maniac Talks About the Arcade August 10, 2013

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Welcome back, it’s time for another Mind of Maniac video!  In the latest video of this unscripted series, Maniac talks about his experience with Arcades, their history, and how they are being reinvented.

If you have any ideas for future Mind of Maniac videos, post a comment!

GAME BOYS: The Animated Series DVD Announcement August 10, 2013

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Brad Jones, better known to the internet as The Cinema Snob, has posted the final episode of GAME BOYS: The Animated Series this weekend.  Great to see Virtual Boyd is back!

Brad Jones has confirmed that a DVD of the entire series will be put up for sale on his website soon.  He has also promised that it will only cost $10 US and feature every episode of the series he has posted online, and one new episode made specifically for the DVD.  That is on top of the other special features he has already promised including:

  • Bianca Queen’s original voice over work for the third episode.
  • Exclusive Cinema Snob review for each episode.
  • Live-Action version of the pilot episode.
  • And more!

A second season of GAME BOYS: The Animated Series may be coming, but it will depend on sales of the DVD.  Brad promises that the DVD will be out before his next film is completed.

Don’t forget, you can watch all the episodes of GAME BOYS: The Animated Series and the original movie it was based on here!