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Quinni-Con 2014 Announced August 8, 2013

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Let’s face it, gamers don’t have a lot of opportunities to get together to meet each other face to face, and that is why I’m so excited when conventions started to happen in my neck of the woods!  Quinni-Con is a small multi-genre convention named after Quinnipiac University, which hosts the event.  I have attended both Quinni-Cons and enjoyed both tremendously.   In the years past it offered fun panels, celebrity guests, a gaming room, a screening room for anime fans, and lots of cosplayers!

I’m happy to announce that pre-registration is underway for Quinni-Con 2014!  The event will take place March 1st and 2nd, 2014 at the Quinnipiac University York Hill Campus.  Pre-registration is currently open.  Please visit the Quinni-Con 2014 Official Website to get all the latest news on the convention and to pre-register for the event!

Nintendo 3DS Nintendo Zone StreetPass Update Live August 8, 2013

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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StreetPass is a fun feature of the 3DS.  It allows 3DS owners who come into proximity with each other to use the Miis of their new companions to help them in a wide array of exclusive games.  However, it is hard to find other 3DS players during a normal day, and without them, you will need to use more difficult methods to complete Nintendo’s StreetPass Plaza games.  Now, 3DS owners who have not been able to find other 3DS owners in their local area can let out a cheer as Nintendo has launched their major update for Nintendo Zone, and that is the expansion of the 3DS’s exclusive StreetPass feature.

Previously, the only way to make use of StreetPass was to come into close proximity of another Nintendo 3DS owner while both systems were in Standby Mode, and both system’s WiFi antennae were enabled.  While you will still be able to do that, Nintendo has added a new way to connect with other players via StreetPass.  By visiting a Nintendo Zone hotspot, a 3DS owner will be sent the Mii of the last user who used the hotspot via StreetPass, even if the user was no longer using it.  Then, your Mii will be sent to the next 3DS owner who uses the hotspot.

Nintendo Zone hotspots are actually quite common in my area.  They can be found in most locations which have an AT&T Hotspot, such as AT&T stores, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, or McDonald’s.  Nintendo has also partnered with Best Buy and various airport hotspots to carry Nintendo Zone features as well.  In short, they’re everywhere, and they offer 3DS owners the ability to access the internet away from home easily and for free.  You won’t need to set up a WiFi network manually to access a Nintendo Zone hotspot, as long as your WiFi is enabled, your 3DS will connect to Nintendo Zone immediately when you are in range of it.

You will need to update your 3DS to its latest firmware to take full advantage of the Nintendo Zone StreetPass functionality.  If you would like to know more about Nintendo Zone, check out our article on the subject.