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Mario Weekend – Classic Mario Commercials November 17, 2012

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From the late 90s to the early 00s, there was a very special phase that video game marketing was going through when it came to TV commercials.  Here was a fringe market being brought to a wide audience by a traditional media, and while they had no problem playing by the rules of traditional media, video games made sure to set themselves aside from everything else on the market.  In my opinion, NOBODY was better at this than Nintendo, and because of that there are a ton of great commercials out there that have been done for Nintendo games that as far as I’m concerned should be permanently archived.

Here are some of the best Mario related commercials that I could find from across the web.  Some of these have previously made my Top Ten Video Game Commercial video, but not all of them, and with it being Mario Weekend I felt now was a perfect opportunity to have all the game commercials I loved from Nintendo on display.  These are in chronological order.

Super Mario Land

I remember this commercial was one of the reasons that made me beg my parents for a Game Boy and this game for Christmas!  I just thought it was a great homage to classic B&W adventure serials, and given the B&W screen of the game boy it fit perfectly.  It was also nice to see a digital Mario interacting with the real world, which trust me looked extremely ground breaking at the time.

Super Mario RPG

Major points for originality here.  What other medium is going to have an awesome old man telling you what’s going on?

Paper Mario (N64)

I loved the sense of humor the marketing guys had with this one.  Since the characters are flat in the game, all the characters are depicted as paper cut outs interacting in the real world.  What is the most destructive thing you could imagine happening to paper?  Being stuck in a shredder of course!

Super Smash Bros

Do I really need to say anything about this one?  I think it just speaks for itself.


Mario Weekend – Linkara’s Game Boy Comics Reviews November 17, 2012

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Lewis Lovhaug, better known as Linkara, is the webmaster of Atop The Fourth Wall, which does some of the best reviews of comics that I have ever seen.  I know I’ve used Linkara in a previous special day the site had, but the truth is ALL of his reviews are worth a look at.

Nintendo actually did have comics released to tie in to their major game and platform releases.  Probably the most infamous of which is the Game Boy comic series.  It was a fun little romp about characters from inside the Game Boy game Super Mario Land coming into the real world and how kids with Game Boys can get Mario to beat the forces of evil back.

Admittedly the comic series probably should have been named Super Mario Land opposed to Game Boy, as it was mostly based off of Super Mario Land specifically, and the characters and enemies from it opposed to characters from any other games for the platform, but the Game Boy itself is the catalyst for the story arc so I’ll let that slide.

So far, Linkara has reviewed two comics in the series.  You can watch his Game Boy #1 review here.  You can watch Game Boy #2 review here.  Small note.  People with mobile devices may have problems watching the first review, but shouldn’t have problems with the second.

On a side note, I can’t tell you how great its been to finally get to play Super Mario Land after 20 years on my 3DS XL thanks to the Nintendo eShop Virtual Console.

Hope you’re enjoying Mario Weekend on!  More content is coming leading up to the Nintendo Wii U release tomorrow!  Stay tuned!

Mario Weekend – Nostalgia Critic’s Super Mario Bros Movie Review November 17, 2012

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Let’s face it, the early 90s not only defined a time when Nintendo ruled all media, but Mario himself did as well, and no more was it prevalent than in the release of the big-budget Super Mario Bros Movie.  To many, the movie was both a critical and financial disappointment, and left many fans feeling betrayed by what ended up on the screen.

Enter Doug Walker, better known to the internet as The Nostalgia Critic.  His tagline?  He remembers it so we don’t have to.  I’ll leave it to him to sum up just what exactly was wrong with the movie, you can watch his entire review of Super Mario Bros: The Movie here.

Honestly, I actually enjoyed this movie a lot, and to this day the filmmakers have said that Nintendo has never expressed any disappointment to them about the film, even twenty years after the fact.  I thought the actors cast were all fantastic talented individuals and were genuinely great in every role they have been cast in.  I thought the universe that they had created, with their grungy punkish atmosphere fit perfectly for the trends of the time, and you know what, I kind of also liked the humor a bit.  It’s the kind of movie you appreciate as a kid, but as an adult you appreciate it in a different way.

I had heard that the filmmakers wanted to go even darker with the movie, but studio pressure wouldn’t allow it (even though Nintendo promised a hands-off approach to the movie, which they kept).  Their ideas were quite interesting, but I think that what we got on the screen was still enjoyable.

What’s next for the Nostalgia Critic?  Well, Doug Walker has retired him at the height of his popularity, but that will not be the end of That Guy with the Glasses.  He promises a whole new web series will be coming.

Hope you’re enjoying Mario Weekend on!  More Mario content is coming all today and tomorrow to culminate with the Wii U release Sunday!  Stay tuned!

Mario Weekend – The Angry Video Game Nerd November 17, 2012

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It’s time for the angriest gamer you’ve ever heard.  James Rolfe, better known to the internet as The Angry Video Game Nerd, has been one of the most popular webseries on the internet for the past five years.  He has reviewed some of the most awful games and peripherals of all time, and done some great nostalgic videos that I will always

The AVGN has actually done some positive reviews in the past, and when he talks about the games made by Nintendo for their platforms, you can just tell how attached he is to what he is reviewing and what a big part of his life video games are.  But we all know that even with a good game, anger will eventually come out.  He’s one of the first reviewers that I’ve seen that had the uncanny ability to point out easily missed problems in extremely well liked games.

I could spend hours combing through his back catalog of reviews.  Pretty much all of them are greats but since this is Mario Weekend on I want to focus on one review he did of not just what has been considered by many to be the best Mario game EVER, but the tie-in movie that put Nintendo front and center to wide audiences.  That’s right I’m talking about his review of Super Mario Bros 3 and The Wizard.

What’s coming up for the AVGN?  A movie!

Hope you’re enjoying Mario Weekend on!  More content is coming leading up to the release of the Wii U on Sunday!  Stay tuned!