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Paper Mario Sticker Star Unboxing November 15, 2012

Posted by Maniac in Site Videos.
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Paper Mario Sticker Star, the newest game in the Paper Mario series has been released exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS this week.  I thought the game had a really impressive E3 showing this year, along with several other Nintendo 3DS games and it was one of the games that convinced me to pick up the 3DS XL when it launched.

I first became aware of the Paper Mario series when they did that awesome commercial for the original Nintendo 64 Paper Mario game over a decade ago.  In fact the commercial was so good, it made the list in my Top Ten Video Game Commercial video.  This new game brings sticker collection into the forefront of the gameplay, with the player able to make Mario make use of stickers that they collect to affect not just the gameplay but the game’s enviroment.

Paper Mario Sticker Star is out now for the Nintendo 3DS.  It can be purchased for $39.99 at retail or online through Nintendo eShop.  There is a bonus through Club Nintendo if you purchase it through the eShop, you will get double points, and the opportunity to download the Donkey Kong Original Edition for free to the 3DS.