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Playstation 3 Trailers I missed from E3 June 24, 2011

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Before I got to LA, I tried my best to post up all the E3 trailers I could get my hands on before I left.  I did this beause I knew once I left for LA, I wouldn’t be able to get any E3 trailers for any games up on my site.  I didn’t have the tools to embed videos on the site, nor access the bandwith to be able to even watch them online.

When I was in Los Angeles I saw some pretty awesome trailers for the first time and since E3 has been almost two weeks ago, instead of posting them all up seperatly (espessially since in a lot of cases you’ve probably seen them before) I wanted to do this article where I take a look at my favorites and talk about them.

First up is the recently released inFamous 2.  Since the game launched at the exact same time as E3, it isn’t considered a work in progress.  While finished games have had demos at E3 in the past, I didn’t see any for inFamous 2 while I was at the Sony booth, although they were running this really awesome trailer on the Sony big screens overlooking the various demo kiosks.

This trailer did give a lot away, in paticular that Cole would be fighting alongside other superpowered people, and shows off just how big the enemies that Cole is going to face are going to get.  It’s a really epic final trailer for a game that has been recently released and it got plenty of attention whenever it showed up on Sony’s big screen.

Next up is the highly anticipated Uncharted 3.  Do I need to say anything more to set this up?

I would classify all of the previous trailers for Uncharted 3 to be simply teasers.  They succeeded in setting the stage for the player and giving them a hint on just what the story was going to be.  They also showed off some solid gameplay and later introduced our big baddie of the game.  But all of this was not done under context, and we had no idea if the rest of the Uncharted characters (the girls!) would be returning for this new game.  Now we know the answers to a lot of these questions, and it is glorious.  Chloe and Elena will be returning, and now we get to see just what it is that the Uncharted cast is after, and just what’s at stake.

And now on the final Playstation 3 exclusive trailer I wanted to get to, Resistance 3.  Their E3 2011 trailer has been dubbed simply, “The Road.”

I have to say that I’m slightly dissapointed by the lack of in-game footage in this trailer, espessially given the fact that the other two trailers were almost entirely in-game footage.  However, it does a great job to set up what state the world is at the beginning of the game and who our new protagonist is.

That having been said, tons of gameplay of this game was playable on the E3 show floor.  Single Player, Multiplayer, and even PS Move controls were demoed at E3, a lot of which I got to play.  My guess is that the developers felt that if you wanted to see gameplay then to actually make it playable.  Also, a Resistance 3 demo is being bundled with copies of the Blu-Ray Disc (BD) version of Battle: Los Angeles, similiar to how the God of War 3 E3 2009 demo was bundled with District 9’s Blu-Ray version.



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