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I guess my reports of its demise were a bit premature. Barry Smith has brought back up after several months of being offline while redesigning and rebuilidng it in his spare time.

For those of you who don’t know the history, Barry Smith was the creator of several popular webcomics including Sorry, We’re Open, which was a series about people working in a rare collectables store, Weak End Warriors, which was about the people who worked and played at a paintball range, and of course Angst Technology, which was about the characters who worked at a game development studio, and all the hyjinks they got into.

While the characters were strict parodies, they succeeded in filling in all the archtypes of what a game studio would employ in the early millenium, and it was a lot of fun to read. The series was originally hosted by back when it was in its golden age, but once they stopped hosting it, it already had enough loyal readership that Barry’s own site,, became my daily destination.

Barry had originally hung up the pen back in 2005 and shut down Angst Technology and his website completely to do a blog site. Then in 2008, he relaunched and created a new series (called InkTank) which was about his life. As the months progressed, he brought the Angst Tech characters back into his new series, and I was overjoyed.

Currently no new strips for the site have been posted yet, he’s currently taking the time to bring back the extremely large archive of over 2000 strips he’s done over the past ten years, and then he plans to start posting new strips. He has said he’s at no loss of ideas.

Welcome back Barry, your strip defined my High School years and even now as I go through your archive, every strip brings back another fond memory.



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