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The Anniversary of First Man in Space April 13, 2011

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Tuesday was the 50th anniversary of a pivotal moment of the human race. The first man was put into outer space, and he was a Russian. Yuri Gragarin is forever immortalized with biographies, statues to his credit (which still stood following the fall of Communism) and the famous words, “The Earth Was Blue, But there was no God.” which probably weren’t even said by him.

He’s no longer alive, but I probably wouldn’t be typing on this website had it not been for his trip. The US would never have committed to a moon landing had the Russians not goaded us into it, and because of that, all the technological advances that have come were all based on the work done by NASA.

His legacy has even been immortalized in video game form.

Raise your glasses of Vodka (or in my case, Bawls), everyone. It’s been a wild ride and he is just one of many to thank for it.