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Latest Prey 2 Details April 25, 2011

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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Human Head has started doing a bunch of interviews with the press about the upcoming Prey 2, the sequel to 2006’s Prey. In the interviews, they’ve been dropping a lot of tidbits about what to expect about the game.

The game appears to be using a heavily modified version of the engine that powered Doom 3. They promise to retain all the bells and whistles that engine provided, including the lighting and shadowing systems, but also the ability to support LARGE enviroments, something that will be provided in the game.

There will not be any multiplayer. I’m really bummed out by this. I mean, I know that the Xbox 360’s multiplayer was practically unplayable, but the PC’s multiplayer (dubbed MultiPrey) was playable, and really a lot of fun. All the game mechanics, portals, and weapons made for a fun multiplayer experience.

The game will not have portals. Their reasoning is that the portal system would only be on the Sphere, which was the major enviroment of the first game. Since this new game isn’t taking place on the Sphere, there would not be portals.

Finally, the game will have a whole new protagonist. As previously reported, the new character will be an air marshal who was on the 747 that crashed into the Sphere during the first game. To survive, he has become a bounty hunter, and will use weapons and gadgets unique to the game both for killing and capturing targets, as well as a scanner for detecting targets.

As for the fate of the first game’s hero, Tommy? Well, that’s currently unknown. However they did tease we might run into him in the new game.

Well, with that all out of the way, here’s my take on this. Why this game has the Prey name is beyond my comprehension. It has nothing to do with the spirit of the first game. The entire basis of the Prey property revolved around being respectful to Native American roots, and using that heritage to defeat a technologicially superior alien race. None of that is going to be in this game.

However, this design reminds me a lot about the very FIRST game design for Prey, as written by Tom Hall. I’ve looked like crazy to find that original game design document but I think the original site hosting it has been shut down. It was about a regular human, abducted by aliens, being forced to compete in alien gladitorial games. Along the way he had to mingle and gain the trust of three distinct alien species, and learn the secrets of a special fourth species that exists behind the scenes.

The new game design documents for Prey 2 remind me a lot of this design, opposed to the revised design which basically was father to the first game. Still upset over losing multiprey, but they are promising a deep open world single player campaign.

Prey 2 is coming for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. If you’re interested in playing the first Prey, its out for Xbox 360 and PC.