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G4 Dropped by DirecTV, No One Cares November 1, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Editorials.

Satellite provider DirecTV has announced starting today they will no longer carry the G4TV station.  Because of this, starting today their subscribers will no longer be able to watch 24 hour reruns of Cops and Cheaters, much to the contrary position of G4’s wishes.

I’ve been playing very close attention to the comments section of most of the news articles being posted up about the decision DirecTV made to drop G4TV from their lineup, and they do not agree at all with what most of the articles proclaim or what G4 wishes to be known.

The internet has pegged G4 as getting a bad rap because of these proceedings and have been slamming DirecTV for what they claim are unfair business practices probably due to the fact that G4 is currently owned by Comcast, one of their competitors.

I myself have written about the downfall of G4, and it looks like I was right on the money.  DirecTV claims it’s the lowest rated station they provide and the cost to continue to carry it that G4 wanted was not justified given the low viewership.  I couldn’t agree more with this logic.

G4 used to be a good station.  I can’t stress that enough, and all the feedback I’ve read about this event seems to agree with that statement.  It has not been a good station since after the merge with TechTV.  Both stations had a perfectly unique lineup of shows which had a very dedicated viewership.  Once new management took control of the stations in the interest of changing the viewership to a much broader base, the station was completely wrecked and never recovered because they did this by either cancelling, shifting, or restaffing all of the well received shows leading to a viewership exodus which never recovered (and based upon the fact G4 hasn’t brought back any of the shows they produced that their former viewership watched it never will).

Without a strong lineup of unique well made shows (like what they used to provide) there is no incentive for someone to watch your station.  If no one watches your station then no provider will offer it.

Bring back your shows G4 or you might as well shut down.



1. medicanman - November 7, 2010

Yes we do care that G4TV was dropped from the DIRECTV programming lineup. We are 1 of a million.

Check us out:

Maniac - November 8, 2010

Don’t worry Sessler. I’m sure it’s only a temporary shakedown/publicty stunt. I’m sure the channel will come back up pretty soon. Until then you can always watch reruns of Cops and Cheaters on your local Fox afilliate

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