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The Fall of G4TV, Part 1 September 26, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Histories, The Fall of G4.

If you look in your digital channel lineup you can find a little station on the list somewhere between MTV2 and Encore called G4 or G4TV.  You’ll also note that the schedule for that station will likely only include reruns of Cops and Cheaters.  If I told you, and you didn’t know any better, you probably wouldn’t believe that station used to be the premiere station for gaming coverage.  You’ll probably also wonder if they were a station for gaming coverage why do they only show reruns of Cops and Cheaters, as well as a few other international shows nobody cares about.  Well, it’s a story that goes back a long time, but I have no problem telling you it.  It’s a sad story with a very sad ending, but just like with Halo Reach, even though you know how it ends from the beginning, it’s still a story you want to hear.

When the station was first designed they had a lineup of entirely original shows based upon each individual gaming archetype.  Trust me, any gamer could easily find something on the schedule that they liked to watch.  Icons focused on the history of video game companies or major events like the crash of 1982 (their finest episode).  Cheat gave tips and pointers to recent games, sometimes focusing on one game in particular.  Arena, which took two teams of players and had them battle in Mechwarrior  on a LAN, (although their rules were pretty terrible and there were other games than Mechwarrior they could’ve played). There was a news show which had the latest gaming news of the day.  Judgment Day, a review show which introduced the world to Tommy Tallarico and Victor Lucas.  For video connoisseurs there was Cinematech, which had the latest trailers and opening cinematics for games. There was an MMO show with a 2001 vibe and very MST3K humor whose name I cannot remember.  Then of course there was the televised talk radio show, which was one of the best shows in existence starring gaming writers Tina Wood and Laura Foy.

It was a great time.  I can name tons of people who want to see their original series released to DVD.  I missed about 80 percent of its heyday because my parents refused to upgrade to digital cable due to the technical limitations at the time, but when high-speed internet was finally made available in my area three years after everyone else could get it, at that point they had no choice because I got them a really good price.  Once we got it installed I would not change the channel.

The great time was not to last and a dark time was on the horizon for the station in the form of a corporate merger, and I’ll talk about all of that in Part 2.  Stay tuned!



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