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20 Things to Do Until Halo Reach Comes Out September 13, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Editorials.
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It’s currently going to be about 21 hours until the release of Halo Reach on the Xbox 360 on the east coast.  A lot of Halo players out there are probably twiddling their thumbs looking for things to do until the midnight release of the game at their local game stores.  So here’ s a few things you can do until then.

  1. Download Halo Waypoint, and try to get to the highest level you can.  If you make it to level 50 you get a special avatar helmet.  Heck, you can also easily spend 21 hours just watching all the videos on it.
  2. Watch all episodes of Halo Legends on Blu-Ray, or download it in HD on the Zune Marketplace.  Really the only way to watch this series is in HD.
  3. Watch my Top Ten Halo Cutscenes Video, and it’s Supplemental Video.
  4. Go to and link your site account to Xbox Live account, which people have been able to do since the release of Halo 2.  If your accounts are already linked, make sure to register your CD-Key of Halo 1 PC/Mac, link your copy of Marathon Durendal XBLA (just recently play it on your 360 before linking it on the site), and select your spiffy nameplate for Halo Reach multiplayer battles in your account options.
  5. Download a countdown clock for your iPhone, the one I like the best the maker started charging .99 cents for, but there’s at least one countdown program that’s free.  Just search Halo Reach in the app store, you’ll find one.
  6. Download all the content from the Xbox Live Countdown to Halo Reach Week.
  7. Try to play through Halo 1 on Legendary and watch Johnson and an Elite make peace before the end (good luck on that one!)
  8. Host a Halo 1 Xbox LAN for old time’s sake.  System Link between Xbox 360 and the original Xbox is still fully compatable.  If you do decide to hold one, make sure to invite me!
  9. Watch The Making of Halo 2 Documentary on the Halo 2 Collector’s Edition DVD, still to this day the best making of documentary ever included in a collector’s edition.
  10. Read the four graphic novels:  The Halo Graphic Novel, Halo Uprising, Halo Helljumpers and Halo Blood Line.
  11. Get a set of special dog tags made with your chosen SPARTAN designation.
  12. Write “My Other Vehicle is a Warthog” on the back of your car.
  13. Read through the entire Halo Encyclopedia (good luck).
  14. Salute the previous Nobel Six’s sacrifice whenever you see the live-action commerical air on tv.
  15. Drive by 3D Realms’ and leave a flaming bag of shit on their doorstep.
  16. Try to bring back Mountain Dew Game Fuel.
  17. Watch Game Boys.
  18. On the off chance you have a significant other, take them out tonight, because there’s going to be a good chance you’re not going to see them for a while.
  19. Watch the Halofest episodes of Red vs Blue.
  20. Support my website!