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Spider-Man 2 First Gameplay Revealed May 24, 2023

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

One of the most celebrated comics from the past fifty years is the Spider-Man story Kraven’s Last Hunt. Now, it looks like that story is going to be the basis for a major component of my most anticipated PS5 game release for this year, Spider-Man 2. If you aren’t familiar with the comics, here’s a quick rundown on Kraven, and what he’s all about.

Immediately after premiering this scene, Sony revealed the very first playable gameplay footage of Spider-Man 2. Do not watch unless you are prepared to be overwhelmed by epic levels of awesome.

Am I the only person who thinks Peter looks a bit…gooey? Kidding, of course he does. Honestly, after rewatching this scene, it appears that the moment of gameplay we are witnessing may in fact be the first in-game moments Peter Parker has control of the black suit. I do appreciate that the game’s developers not only gave texture and depth levels, instead of just making the suit a skintight black spandex appearance, but that appreciation is beyond overwhelmed by just how amazing what you’ll be capable of doing in the suit looks!

Spider-Man 2 is coming Fall 2023 to PS5.



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