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Don’t Bother Shopping for Meta Quest Gift Cards, No Retailers Sell Them December 17, 2022

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Christmas is a week away and I’m sure a lot of families are interested in offering gift cards to their respective gamer friends and families. There are a lot of options out there regardless of your respective platform, and people interested in buying gift cards for their friends or family that own Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo consoles should have no problem finding gift cards for their console’s online-store. That is, unless, your relative is a Virtual Reality (VR) Enthusiast.

If you happen to be a user of the Meta Quest or Rift platforms (which includes devices such as the Quest 2 and Quest Pro) games for those platforms are purchased digitally through the Meta Quest Store, which is run by Meta. The application will accept Meta Gift Cards in exchange for software purchases. Unfortunately as of the time this article is being posted, no major retailers in the US currently sell them. That includes stores ranging from Best Buy, GameStop and Target, big box stores that will actually sell Quest hardware and peripherals. You may be able to purchase a digital gift card through one of those retailer’s websites but if you’re a kid who does not have access to a credit or debit card, you’re entirely reliant on others who do to help you get games on the platform you use.

I know a lot of people have been writing off the Meta Quest line as a rounding error in Facebook’s coffers but I must say I’ve been honestly impressed by the Quest Pro headset so far. So much so that I’ve been trying all sorts of games for it, even ones I had played on other platforms like the PlayStation VR. Its been the VR device I’ve always hoped for. Surely Meta will someday decide to start shipping physical cards to retailers. But that is not today, and is unlikely to come this season.


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