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Lost Media – EA’s Alternate Reality Game About Conspiracies, Majestic January 29, 2022

Posted by Maniac in Lost Media, Site Videos.

Maniac discusses a completely unremembered game from the year 2000, Majestic. Published by EA and priced like an MMO, Majestic had no game engine or executable. Players received phone calls, video messages emails and faxes, all to assist or hinder them in their quest to protect themselves and their in-game allies from whatever was coming.

Five episodes and a demo were released over the course of the game’s lifespan. They ranged in length from three to six days of real-time gameplay each and could not be replayed once completed. A second season was announced after the fifth episode concluded, but was cancelled due to low subscription numbers of the first season. Since it’s release, no one remembers it, and since most of its gameplay revolves around streaming video messages, emails, faxes and phone calls, next to nothing of the game was preserved.

What was the game about, and where might this content be? Let’s let our host tell you a story.


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