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Magic Mouse Unboxing January 28, 2022

Posted by Maniac in Site Videos.
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You didn’t think the M1 Mac Mini was the only thing we unboxed did you? No, especially since the Mac Mini does not ship with a keyboard or mouse. For the longest time, Mac computers only shipped with a single-button mouse, while PC users enjoyed multi-button mice equipped with scroll wheels. By the mid-2000s, Apple finally released their own multi-button mouse that offered users the ability to scroll…with the caveat that it still looked like a one-button mouse. It was called…the Magic Mouse!

Many years have passed since that original Magic Mouse released and it has undergone many hardware revisions in the intervening years. Today, we’ll be looking at the most recent version which retails for $79.99 US.

If you’re a Mac user and need a mouse, then the Magic Mouse is what you want to pick up!