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Lost Media – Help Me Find this 90s Disney Channel Arcade Movie January 2, 2022

Posted by Maniac in Lost Media, Site Videos.

Ten years ago, Maniac wrote about a movie he saw on the Disney Channel back when it was a premium cable station. It was about a group of teenagers that had their own basement arcade and followed their antics as they played a game together. Unfortunately, he was never able to learn it’s name, and because of that has been unable to find it or any further information about it. However, Maniac has noticed that the search for Lost Media has become a popular pastime online over the past few years with its own major subculture.

With all that in mind, Maniac humbly provides his plea on for someone to assist him with finding this obscure film. In the video below, he provides all the details he remembers about what he saw happen in the movie, and the details of the search he’s done up to this point. Enjoy.

Hope this video has been some help to anyone interested in assisting with the search. Maniac has already deduced this movie would have broadcasted no later than October 1992. Due to its age and obscurity, finding information about any Disney Channel content online has been difficult, and it’s possible the only record of the movie’s existence is in the pages of an old issue of Disney Channel Magazine.

Happy New Year!



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