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Dragon Quest Day – Dragon Quest Timeline June 29, 2021

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Welcome to Part 2 of Dragon Quest Day, where we are highlighting some of the best independently produced video content across the web about this classic franchise. If you’re new to Dragon Quest like I am, you might be curious on how the games and their stories fit together, so you’ll have a better idea about which game you’ll need to start with or what order you should play the games in. Fear not, this next video is going to help you.

James Rolfe, who is better known across the internet as The Angry Video Game Nerd, did his own Chronologically Confused video about the franchise. While the guy may call himself ANGRY in the title, the video is reference-quality that shows all the connections between the games, and some of the Easter eggs added in the rereleases that add further connections. It is a must watch for people interested in the series.

Warning: Just be aware, he will have spoilers.

Dragon Quest games are available on multiple modern platforms including Nintendo Switch, PS4 and iOS.


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